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My Story

The girl behind the brush 

Megan Hartley, 32

Buckle up - here goes !

Based in Lancaster, Lancashire. Covering wherever your big day may take me. With over 8 years of industry experience, I am a fully qualified & insured professional MUA who is passionate about creating unique looks that ensure you look and feel bloody amazing for your special day !

Graduating from the Central college of Health & Beauty Leeds in late 2015. I trained with the iconic brand 'MAC'. This is where my early passion for creative, expressive makeup first started.


very quickly fell in love with how makeup can enhance, alter and help portray certain elements and aspects of the face . I live for seeing the clients reaction, how not only now wearing makeup but also wearing confidence.


'Makeup doesn't need to change you, makeup can just enhance who you already are'

Owner & Chief mess maker.

As the years passed and my confidence in my skill set and abilities grew . With nothing short of an absolute love for providing a bespoke service and all things wedding. There was only one destination my career was heading for, Bridal. 

 My work is infused with the skills learnt from the early stages of my career allowing me to complete all styles of makeup application. Makeup doesn't need to change you makeup can just enhance who you already are. And after all - it washes off !

​I am insanely passionate about providing makeup for every single individual. The beauty industry & social media culture can be an incredibly toxic place with completely unrealistic standards. I endeavour to keep it real, it's the only way.

There is always something new to learn in this industry and I can honestly say I have never once been bored of my work since the day I started, and that's a bold statement !

On a wedding morning you'll see me with minimal (probably non) makeup on myself.  Covered in makeup, I have no idea what I do ! Hence the chief mess maker. And I'll spend the morning laughing and running off coke zero.

I don't have a favourite makeup brand but if I had to choose one or I could never own any, it would be NARS. There is  a foundation for every single skin type and they apply like a dream.

I have two non makeup loving teenage boys, pro brush cleaners (costs me a fortune!) and my best mates. Turning my career full time in 2023 leaves me with little free time outside of rugby, football and whatever other training them two throw at me.
However when I get the chance I am a  lover of red wine, blue cheese and the outdoors. And animals, don't forget animals.

There really is no bigger honour than getting to spend part of your special day with you, I cannot wait to share & cherish those moments. I truly understand the importance of my role on your wedding morning. It's such an privilege to be involved! I put my heart and soul into my work. I pride myself on being down to earth, easy to talk too, and incredibly committed.

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